OBX Chevrolet Buick strives to be a good corporate citizen and recognizes the importance of giving back to others. We focus our giving on children, education, and the health and well-being of our local communities. We recognize there are many causes worthy of support, but by focusing our resources in these few areas we have a greater impact on making a difference.  

Thank you for working toward the betterment of your community and organization. We appreciate your taking the time to fill out the following form, which helps our decision-making process while saving a few steps along the way.

For any questions, concerns, or general feedback, please contact us at philanthropy@victoryautomotivegroup.com.

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OBX Chevy Supports Outer Banks Relief Fund
OBX Chevrolet Buick's Marc Hellman with OBRF's Patty McKenna.
OBX Chevrolet Buick supported the Relief Foundation's work with a $25,000 donation in 2020.

"The positive impact of relief funding is felt everywhere in the community," says Marc Hellman, manager of OBX Chevrolet Buick. "When families are assisted, parents and children have less stress, landlords aren't pinched, and employees of local companies remain resilient. Think of the ripple effect of $2 million spent this way over fifteen years!"

OBX Chevrolet Buick is among the over 400 businesses, individuals, clubs, churches, and grant-makers who provide Outer Banks Relief Fund with its revenue. The Kitty Hawk car dealership and service center donated $25,000 to support the Relief Foundation's work in 2020.

"Generous community members continue to power the Relief Foundation's impact," says executive director Patty McKenna. "You are the donors, the sponsors, the organizers, the volunteers, and the event guests. I'm so proud that our community chooses to support and sustain this amazing resource for local families."

Source: OBXToday.com